New Mitsubishi Mirage to Debut as 2017 Model

New Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi is planning on releasing its next Mirage model in 2017

Mitsubishi recently announced plans to have the Mitsubishi Mirage skip a 2016 model, opting instead to save the vehicle’s revised look for the new Mitsubishi Mirage debuting as a 2017 model next spring. Sources say that the 2017 Mirage will not only come with updates to the chassis and powertrain, but will also include a new four-door sedan variant – a decision that arose from customer feedback on a prototypical model back in 2014.


Coupled with the fact that Mitsubishi plans to extend production of the 2015 model until the 2017 version is available to the public, there will be little to no lull in sales for the Mirage. As a result, this strategy is saving the company quite a bit of money that would have been spent producing and marketing a short-lived 2016 model, especially considering the revised Mirage’s early debut in the spring.

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