Mitsubishi Adds a Third Crossover to its American Lineup

Third Mitsubishi crossover, third crossover

Mitsubishi is reportedly adding a third crossover to its American lineup.

The Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander Sport are some of the most popular crossovers in the automotive industry. Now, the Mitsubishi Crossover family is about to get a whole lot larger.

According to reports, Mitsubishi is adding a third crossover to its American lineup.

Crossover vehicles are enjoying increasing amounts of sales revenue and popularity in the States. Mitsubishi is taking opportunity of this trend to offer American drivers more options than ever.

With the new crossover just announced, production of the vehicles will likely not begin until at least two years down the road. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of reason to be excited for another Mitsubishi crossover vehicle.

“The Outlander is growing in size, while the Outlander Sport is getting smaller, so it opens a space for the new SUV,” Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko told Automotive News. “We need something to fit in between.”

Be on the lookout for more exciting news regarding Mitsubishi’s latest crossover model coming soon.

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