4 Great Holiday Dining Options in Chicago

Holiday dining options in Chicago

Did your last minute Thanksgiving dinner plans go up in smoke? Don’t worry about it, you’re in Chicago! The city has a long list of restaurants you can go to for a delicious holiday meal. Here are 4 holiday dining options in Chicago.

  1. Blackbird

Instead of settling for a turkey, why not go with Blackbird. This restaurant offers some awesome options, lack a braised rack of lamb, to make your Thanksgiving dinner different this year.

  1. Takashi

For American dishes with a Japanese twist, be sure to check out what they’re serving up at Takashi. The combination of flavors makes this restaurant’s menu a melting pot of culinary delight.

  1. Table Fifty-Two

You may be used to deep dish pizza in Chicago. However, Table Fifty-Two, which offers guests a variety of different comfort food, makes a pretty killer thin crust pizza to dive into.

  1. Gino’s East

With that said, nothing beats a deep dish Chicago-style pizza, even on Thanksgiving. Gino’s East has some of the best in the entire city.

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