Why Daylight Savings Time Exists

Why Daylight Savings Time Exists

It happens twice a year: we jump back or forward an hour and either gain or lose an hour of sleep. A few weeks ago, we lost one. We grumbled and complained and asked, “Why does this happen?” Well, here’s why daylight savings time exists.

The reason why the US does this is not actually because of farmers (which is what you might have learned in school.) It happens to move an hour of sunlight from the early morning to the evening, so that there’s an extra hour of sunlight at night.

“For most people, an extra hour of daylight in the evening after work or after school is much more usable than the hour of daylight in the morning,” said David Prerau, author of “Seize the Daylight.”

There have been arguments against it, but the benefits override them. There’s an economic profit for the US to keep daylight savings time, because an extra hour of sunlight means that you’re more likely to get in the car and spend money. It also saves on energy because you wait another hour to turn your lights on at night.

So, there you go! There’s an actual reason why we change our clocks.

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