Mitsubishi donated $30,000 to the American Red Cross

Mitsubishi donated $30,000 to the American Red Cross

Mitsubishi is known for traveling far and wide, but now it’s giving back to the Normal, IL community.

Mitsubishi donated $30,000 to the American Red Cross of the Heartland Foundation located in Normal, Illinois, which will help meet the needs of the community by donating to the Red Cross Home Fire campaign.

The Home Fire campaign aims to reduce injury and death in home fires by installing smoke alarms in high-risk areas, where people of low socioeconomic status, women, and children are most at risk.

Mitsubishi is partnering with the Mitsubishi dealership located in Normal, O’Brien Mitsubishi. The donation was made at O’Brien Mitsubishi during a ceremony with Mitsubishi American Red Cross officials.

Mitsubishi Motors North America executive vice president Don Swearingen says the Red Cross is “a great organization that works to improve the well-being of the community.” Swearingen went on to say that Mitsubishi is honored to play a part in the campaign and hopes the donation will further the campaign’s efforts.

Mitsubishi has a long history of supporting the Red Cross; in the past, Mitsubishi dealerships have donated millions to the Red Cross of the Philippines.

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