What to Do in a Tornado: Vehicle Safety Tips

what to do in a tornado

Tornados can be catastrophic, which is one of the major reasons you should always be prepared. If you are in a vehicle when a tornado strikes, there are several things you can do to stay safe. Whether you’re in the middle of a major storm or you think one might be on the way, follow these tips for what to do in a tornado.

According to the CDC, tornados can be detected by things like a dark or green-colored sky, a large low-lying cloud line, large hail, and loud roars that may sound like freight trains. Funnel clouds are also a telltale sign, though they may be obstructed by other clouds. If you see any of these, take shelter immediately.

No location is totally safe during a tornado, though there are many things you can to do to reduce the risk of injury. In a tornado, the last place you want to be is your car. This is largely because high winds can easily displace and tip over vehicles, and you are surrounded by glass. Never try to outrun a tornado. Nor should you get under your car. Try and get to a ditch, and cover your head with an object or your arms.

You should avoid trees, windows, glass, and small objects. Debris is the number one cause of injury in a tornado, so try and make it to a sound structure or heavy platform if possible. Never take shelter under a bridge or overpass. Aside from a ditch, you may also seek out a ravine or culvert. Low-lying areas are great for protection, but always be sure to protect your head as well.

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