October is Fall Car Care Month

Car Care Month

According to the Car Care Council, October is Fall Car Care Month. Fall maintenance is crucial in making sure you and your vehicle make it through the extreme temperatures and conditions of winter safely. Here’s some parts of your car you should make sure are in tip-top shape before winter rolls around.

  • Battery in Good Condition: Low temperatures decrease your battery capacity, so make sure it’s working well before the icy winds hit.
  • Working HVAC System: HVAC stands for ‘heating, ventilating, and air conditioning,’ and trust us when we say heat is the last thing you want to go out in the middle of winter.
  • Good Wiper Blades: That functioning defroster won’t do you much good if your tattered wiper blades are just blurring your vision with streaky lines across the windshield.
  • No Worn Tires: You should consider getting your vehicle fitted with winter tires, but even if you don’t, check your tire treads to make sure they’re road-ready to minimize slipping.
  • Working Brakes: You’ll want working brakes year round anyway, but they’re especially important in the winter on slippery roads, when it can take much longer to stop than usual.

You can have each of these car parts inspected and repaired ahead of time during Car Care Month at Schaumburg Mitsubishi! Schedule a service appointment with us to raise awareness for the importance of fall maintenance and show everyone that you want to keep your vehicle running well. Stop in and see us- we’d love to see you!

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