Some of the Best Travel Destinations Outside of Chicago

Chicago is a great town with lots to offer. But sometimes, you just have to get out of town! To help you scratch the itch, we’ve got a few great travel destinations outside of Chicago.

How about another big city to explore? Milwaukee is only an hour and a half drive away. An article on Rant Lifestyle calls it the “little brother to Chicago.” It’s got a lot of the big city amenities but without the perils that come with a truly big city.

Only about a hundred miles away is Nappanee, Indiana; otherwise known as Amish country. A trip there is like a trip into America’s past, when electricity wasn’t yet implemented. See people living old-fashioned way, in other words. They make great pies too.

It may not be as dramatic as the Sahara but when you consider that it’s in the Midwest, the Indiana Sand Dunes are awfully spectacular. Find them on the shores of Lake Erie, only about 50 miles from Chicago.

The Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie should satisfy any nature-lover’s itch to get away, and particularly, any bird-lover. It’s 19,000 acres of gorgeous prairie that simply hums with life. Midwest Living tells us that it is 60 miles southwest of Chicago.

Remember, there’s an added benefit to any trip you take outside of Chicago. You get to appreciate the wonderful experience of coming home!

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