Things to Do While Stuck in Holiday Traffic

family in car

Getting stuck in heavy holiday traffic is inevitable for most drivers. Even if you aren’t going very far, it’s always a good idea to have a plan for what to do when you get caught in a traffic jam. We at Schaumburg Mitsubishi want to share a few things to do while stuck in holiday traffic from Mary England of

Catch Up With Family and Friends

Since traffic jams have no predetermined length of inconvenience, calling family and friends to catch up is the perfect thing to do to pass the time. Call your cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and any other family you may have. If you manage to make it through to your relatives, move on to close friends. At the very least, let those expecting you know you’re running a little behind schedule.

Memorize Song Lyrics

Let’s face it: every driver has sung along to a song without knowing all of the words. Fortunately for you, getting stuck in traffic gives you plenty of time to memorize those lyrics and words you don’t quite know. Put a song on repeat and let the good times roll! It’s even more fun with passengers.

Reset Your Radio Presets

If you’ve had your car for a few years, odds are you’ve moved past some of the current presets on your radio. It only takes a few minutes to reprogram them to something you’ll actually listen to on the road. A traffic jam presents the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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