Mitsubishi Discontinues Sedans to Focus on Building New SUV Models

The Mitsubishi brand is in the middle of a drastic shift in identity. With the sedan segment mired in its most competitive time perhaps ever, Mitsubishi has decided to back out of that market altogether and focus solely on producing new SUV models from now on. So we won’t be seeing any new Lancer models, but we will see an untold number of new SUVs of all shapes and sizes coming down the pike.

According to Tetsuro Aikawa, speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, there are two reasons for this change. “One of the reasons is because, concerning the investment on development, we’d like to concentra on SUV, PHEVs and EVs,” Aikawa said. “The second reason is because sedan, in the world, is a very high competition at the moment and it’s very difficult to come up with a profit.”

Fortunately, if you’re a big Lancer fan, there are no plans to discontinue the current production of the sedan. So come see us here at Schaumburg Mitsubishi to check out the Lancer while it’s still available.

Also, check out the new Mitsubishi Outlander to feel encouraged about the great direction these new Mitsubishi SUVs are headed.

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