Mitsubishi Donates Eclipse Cross to Help Drive Shelter Dog Adoptions

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Last year, Lee Asher launched a Kickstarter campaign so that he could purchase an RV and tour the country. The catch? He’d be doing so with a bunch of dogs.

His mission was simple: Expose people all across America to a wide range of dog breeds, all of which came from shelters. The goal was to get these people to see how important it is to adopt dogs from shelters who need homes, rather than buy from breeders or pet stores that get their dogs from puppy mills.

To help Asher out in his mission of increasing shelter dog adoptions across America, Mitsubishi donated a brand new 2018 Eclipse Cross to Asher’s organization, called Asher House. This donation is part of Mitsubishi’s own “Drive your Ambition” marketing campaign, which seeks to help out those using their passions to make a difference in the world.

But Asher got more than a new Eclipse Cross SUV to fuel his mission; he also got Mitsubishi’s ongoing support at local rescue events and social gatherings all across the United States.

Asher’s work is making a difference. To date, he has found homes for nearly 150 dogs all across America. At each event, he brings dogs from local shelters, pays the adoption fee, and offers a month’s worth of dog food.

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