Mitsubishi’s Design Language Gets an Overhaul, Thanks to Ex-Rival

About a year ago Mitsubishi hired Tsunehiro Kunimoto, a designer who spent 40 years creating some of Nissan’s most iconic cars, to overhaul its design language. At 64, most employees Kunimoto’s age are looking forward to retirement – a far cry from the high-pressure role the designer is taking on as Mitsubishi’s global design chief.

Kunimoto’s decision to leave Nissan and sign on with Mitsubishi is  almost unheard of in Japan, where life-long employees tend to stay loyal to their employers. Mitsubishi approached Kunimoto with an offer he just couldn’t refuse: the challenge of revamping the Mitsubishi brand.

“Their expectations of me were the same,” Kunimoto told Automotive News. “Mitsubishi had a difficult term. Now they are seeking a new way.”

Kunimoto counts the Infiniti FX crossover and G sedan along with the Nissan Z Concept among his most notable accomplishments.

Now, he can add the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander to that list. Recently unveiled at the 2015 New York Auto Show, the edgy new Outlander boasts a bold new design that previews the future of Mitsubishi’s design language. Kunimoto points out that the front end design, referred to as the “Dynamic Shield,” will likely be applied to other Mitsubishi models moving forward.

Here at Schaumburg Mitsubishi, we look forward to seeing what Tsunehiro Kunimoto has in store for the rest of the Mitsubishi lineup!

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