How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

Car Wash

Getting a full detail for your car is extremely thorough and will leave it looking at good as new. A full detail can be costly though and you don’t need to pay a good chunk of money to have your car looking perfect. You can do it yourself simply by cleaning a few key areas. We here at Schaumburg Mitsubishi are here to tell you how to clean your car like a pro!

  • Shampoo the Carpets. Scrubbing the carpets with a scrub brush (or you can use a carpet cleaning machine) and a can of carpet cleaner will go a long way to restoring your car. Food, drink, dirt, odors, and germs can all be found in most vehicles’ carpets and upholstery, seats included.
  • Clean and Condition Leather. For those with leather seats, you’ll want to restore it as well. Head down to the store and buy a cleaner specifically for leather. Rub or spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off. You’ll be surprised how much dirt comes off with it! To keep leather protected for a long time, apply leather conditioner.
  • Detail Everything. A major part of the cost of a full detail is in the creases, crevices, and edges. You’ll need to do the same thing – get in every corner, niche, and crack – in order to make your car look as good as new. Don’t cut corners!

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